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                Hi, I am Iwona Brunngraber. My first name is pronounced Evona. Originally from Poland, I moved to New Jersey in 1973 with my parents and siblings. My interests have always been in the arts and I love to use my hands to create.

                Most of my younger years were spent doing needlework, quilting, beading, or sewing. About ten years ago I discovered pottery at the Lafayette Clayworks (now Located in Branchville, N.J.) and realized this craft is exactly what I love to do.

                Clay allows you to put your soul into it and the basic interaction with the clay to form the piece is unique to anything I had ever done before. Every time you open a kiln it's like Christmas, when the transformation of your raw glaze into a distinct design is revealed.

                It's a lot of work but it is a fantastic journey for me. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Thrown Berry Bowl $35

Covered Jar $ - Sold

10" Coil Basket $65


15" Thrown Bowl $ - Sold

Ikebana, Wood Fired $38

12" Slab Bowl $75



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