Lafayette Clayworks

Everyone is ready for the first Raku firing of the day.

There will be quite a few through out the day.

The first load of pieces to be fired.


The temperature inside of a Raku Kiln can get up to

1800 degrees Fahrenheit.


Rain is not a friend on days like this,

But the appropriate gear is always handy.


As the Raku Kiln Chamber is removed, you can clearly

see the orange glow of the hot pieces.



The pieces sit only for a few seconds before

they are removed from the shelves and placed in

the reduction bins.


Once placed in the reduction bins, newspaper is

thrown on them which will ignite.



Once the newspaper ignites, the bins are closed,

this will remove the air trapped in the bin and

start the reduction process.


The bins are opened and fanned to start the flames

for a second time.


Plenty of smoke is produced, this will help

in the creation of the distinct Raku look.


Vessel just removed from the reduction cans.



Vessels being sprayed with cool water,

this will give them their distinct Raku look.


Vessels after being sprayed with cool water..


One of the most loved Raku finishes,

the Crackle look along the outer edge.


After the first firing, the class moves on to the next

loading of the Raku Kiln, to start the process over.


A fully loaded set of shelves ready for the

next firing of the Raku Kiln.

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